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Why Use Washer And Dryer Combo?

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Some people like to do laundry; most people don’t. Walking with one’s laundry into a laundromat has the potential to be especially inconvenient. There are a lot of reasons why people use a laundromat. A couple of reasons are the cost of a washer and dryer or lack of space.

There aren’t many solutions to dealing with the cost of a washer and dryer, except saving or buying used units. If space is the main reason why you don’t have your own washing machine and need to make regular trips to the laundromat, then there may be a solution for you.A washer dryer combo is an appliance designed for maximum space efficiency while still giving you the option to clean your clothing from the comfort of your own living space. And if there is any issue, there are local appliance repair experts in Bowmanville to assist you.

A combo washer dryer is, as the name implies, a dryer and a washing machine in a single cabinet. It’s not the same as stackable units, which are two separate appliances stacked on top of each other. Stackable units aren’t as space efficient as a washer dryer combo.

They’re popular in places where there isn’t much room. Those people crammed in small urban apartments can now wash and dry their clothes from the comfort of their apartments thanks to the washer dryer combo. The unit works by washing and drying each load in one go. So clothing doesn’t need to be removed and placed into another appliance to dry. Many are designed to be portable, just like a portable dishwasher. This means that they can be attached to a sink and don’t necessarily require a separate water line. The unit is generally the size of a standard compact washing machine. Depending on the type of unit you have, it’ll have the ability to run different loads, such as gentle or bulky.

How to Use Washer/Dryer Combo

Using a washer/dryer combo for the first few times may feel strange, especially if you’re used to using two appliance to clean and dry your clothing. The process of using one isn’t difficult.Washer dryer combos generally have a 13 to 15 pound capacity, with the occasional unit having a capacity of up to 22 pounds. A unit with 13 to 15 pound capacity can handle three complete outfits or up to 8 bath towels. Keeping in mind the limited space, it’s important not to overload a washer dryer combo.

An overloaded unit will need to work harder to clean the clothing, causing unnecessary wear and tear. Too many clothing also makes it difficult for the unit to dry the clothes.Load detergent in the unit like you would a traditional washer. Make sure you use low suds detergent. There will also be a space to load bleach and fabric softener.

You’ll find the process of actually using the unit to be very simple. It’s not unlike larger washer only systems. The biggest point to remember is to not overload the unit. When you’re hooking up your unit to the water, you may want to consider washing your clothing in cold water. Many users say that this actually helps speed up the drying process and make it more efficient.