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How A Troubleshooter Can Deal With Microwave Meltdowns

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Fortunately, microwave meltdowns happen on rare occasions. Moreover, problems appear in just one component at a time. Still, it helps to have a troubleshooter’s skills, whenever some problem does interfere with the performance of a microwave oven.

What to do if the carousel stops moving

Remove the turntable and then look for food particles and crumbs on the carousel. If you find any, see to their removal. Wash the carousel and the plate that had been covering it. This is a good time to clean the interior walls of your countertop appliance, as well.

Put the turntable and its support back in the microwave oven. Be sure that it has been aligned properly. Check to see if it now turns in the way that it should. If it does not, you will have to contact a repair technician.

Action to take if keyboard buttons do not function properly

First you must test each button on the control board. Carry out a pre-test procedure. Fill a microwavable cup of mug with water and place it on the turntable. At that point, you are ready to proceed with the test.

Now check each button to see if any one of them can be used to get the microwaves hitting your cup of mug for a few seconds. If you find that a couple buttons can be used to warm the water in your container, then you know that you may be able to fix the control board yourself.

Unplug the appliance and remove the screws at the top of the oven. Expose the wires on the control panel by taking off the fan guard. Carefully disconnect those same wires. Next, tug or push the ribbon cable.

At that point, you should have completed the fixing procedure. Re-assemble all the parts. Check the buttons on the keyboard and see if they are now working. If you still find that not all of them function properly, you will have to contact an appliance repair technician in Bowmanville.

Follow-up action for troubleshooter that has changed the oven’s lightbulb

If the lightbulb goes out, you should be able to get a replacement at your local hardware store. Replace the bulb in a microwave oven in the same way that you replace the bulb in any socket. If the new bulb does not light up, then you must use a multi-meter to test the voltage connection. If your test reveals a problem with the voltage connection, you will need to contact a repair technician.

Dealing with a bad smell

In most cases, a good cleaning kills a foul odor. Of course, if your nose detects burning wires, you should contact an expert on the wiring in microwave ovens.