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Expert Appliance Repair Services in Bowmanville

When you are experiencing an appliance breakdown, you want fast and dependable service. At LT Appliance Repair Bowmanville, we offer same day service in most cases and around-the-clock emergency dispatch services so your household can get back to functioning efficiently. As the premier appliance repair professionals in Bowmanville, we offer honesty and integrity in the appliance repair industry. With over two decades of experience in Bowmanville and the GTA, we are proud of our reputation for the best customer service around.

If you need appliance repair, we have experience in most major brands and models in the marketplace today:

We provide expert and experienced factory trained service and repairs on the most technologically advanced models today. Don’t trust your appliances to anything less. When your appliance is malfunctioning, you want to entrust the repair to someone who has extensive experience. At LT Appliance Repair Bowmanville, you can trust that this is exactly what you are getting.

Appliances usually exhibit symptoms before a total breakdown. Look for these signs of impending malfunction and call your appliance repair company in Bowmanville before they become emergencies:


If you are seeing the following symptoms with your washer, it could mean that a washer repair is in your future: leaking, dirty clothes after the wash cycle, detergent not rinsing, excessive vibration, unusual noises, cycles not advancing, stopping mid-cycle, overfilling, spin not working, agitator not functioning, lid or door won’t lock or won’t open.


Dryers are usually simple repairs. Call your Bowmanville appliance repair service when you are seeing these signs of a potential dryer repair: unusual noises, overheating, clothes not getting dry, clothes getting damaged, dryer won’t operate, dryer drum has stopped turning.


Your refrigerator may just be your most important household appliance. Call a professional if you are experiencing the following signs of a potential refrigerator repair: runs constantly, ice buildup, not cold enough, condensation forming on the door, leaking, icemaker or dispenser not working.


Food preparation is important to most modern families today. Call an expert if you are seeing these signs of a possible stove repair: burners are not operating or will not adjust, ceramic or glass cooktop is cracked or broken, indicator lights aren’t functioning, timer or knobs are broken.


If you are experiencing the following symptoms that may be indicating a possible oven repair, call your local Bowmanville appliance repair specialist: elements won’t heat, uneven heating, oven won’t program, gas ignitor won’t light, door won’t unlock after self-clean cycle, timer won’t advance.


You may need to call a professional if you are experiencing these signs of an impending dishwasher repair: dishwasher won’t start, excessively noisy, leaking, dishes not getting clean or dry, water not filling, wash cycle is too long, water not draining, detergent dispenser is broken.


Call your professional repair technician if you are seeing these signs of a possible microwave repair: stops running, control panel inoperative, sparks inside unit, not heating,


When you are experiencing these signs of a malfunction, call your repair specialist for an expert garbage disposal repair: needing to engage reset button constantly, clogging, loud noises, won’t operate, leaking, offensive odors.


In addition to our expert appliance repair services, we also offer professional appliance installations. Many homeowners don’t realize that appliance retailers don’t always offer installation with delivery. In many cases it’s because of liability when it comes to water, electric, or gas connections. These require knowledge in these areas and often delivery personnel simply are not qualified. When you need appliance installations, it’s always advisable to hire an expert. Not only are appliances large and unwieldy without the proper equipment but improper connection can be unsafe. Leave your installations to the experienced technicians at LT Appliance Repair Bowmanville.

We also offer preventive appliance maintenance to ensure the efficiency and long life of all your household appliances.

When you want the most professional appliance repair services in Bowmanville, call the appliance repair specialists at LT Appliance Repair Bowmanville. We will fix almost every appliance problem with one quick visit. Call the pros at LT Appliance Repair Bowmanville for appliance repairs, installations, and maintenance you can count on.