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Reasons And Solutions For Dryer Not Heating

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While there are many problems that can occur to your dryer during its lifetime. If your dryer has decided not to heat, there are a few possible causes that may be the culprit. Some of these problems, you can actually fix yourself. When you can’t fix the issue yourself, you will want to hire a professional that knows dryers to fix your issue. It’s important that you determine if the professional is certified enough to handle the issue that may be preventing your dryer from working. Here are some of the most popular causes for your dryer giving up on you and ways that you can repair it:

Thermal Fuse

What is a thermal fuse? It is a fuse that is used to protect your dryer from overheating. You can find the thermal fuses near the blower housing. When the dryer is used, tiny debris can stray over to the exhaust vent where it builds up until it clogs the flow of air. It doesn’t take long for the dryer vent to become so clogged that it begins to overheat.

What can you do? First remove the lint screen and manually remove the debris that is blocking the flow of air. You may want to go ahead and clean this vent with warm soapy water. Rinse well and the. Replace. While you have the vent off, go ahead and Check to make sure that there isn’t any kinks or clogs in the flexible vent hose. Now is a good time to look at the outside vent as well to ensure that it is not blocked. Once you are sure that all vents are open, you may need to contact a professional to look at your unit further if it still won’t start.

Gas valve solenoid (if you have a gas dryer)

Gas dryers have at least two gas valves. When these valves are open, they will allow gas to flow to the burner assembly and then ultimately light the igniter which results on the production of heat. If the igniter fails to ignite the gas, it could be because one of the gas valve solenoids are not working.

What can you do? The best thing to do at this point is to allow a professional to repair the issue. The reason for that is because you are dealing with highly flammable gas that can hurt you and those around you. The appliance repair professionals in Bowmanville will replace the gas valves and have the gas flowing in no time.

The Igniter (for gas dryers only)

When you turn your gas dryer on, you expect it to work. When you push the button on, the igniter is supposed to heat up and glow. Once it reaches the desired temperature, the gas valve will open up and the dryer will heat. If the igniter isn’t working, it won’t get hot enough to heat the gas.

What can you do? The igniter will need help o be replaced by a professional who specializes in gas dryers. If you have an electric dryer and it’s not heating up, the heating element may be bad. With an electric dryer, the electric current flows through the coil and heats up the wire. This is called her ha heating element. The coil is resting inside a metal chamber. What can you do? Since the heating element is located in the lower front panel of the dryer, usually on the right side. It could have stopped working because it needs to be replaced. This should be done by a professional.