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Quick Tips For An Oven Door That Won’t Close

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Does your stove door resist closing? If your stove door don’t close, you may be able to fix the issue yourself instead of hiring a professional or replacing your unit. Here are three possible reasons why your door may not be closing and how you can fix it yourself.

The latch is broken

There are many reasons why the latch stops closing on your oven door. The most common reason is because the latch becomes sticky in the opening in the oven that allows the latch to connect with the oven. The first sign that this might become an issue is if you observe the lock sticking to some debris. When you see this start, you will want to add a little oil to the latch and that should help for a while. Eventually the latch will need to be replaced. You can wait until it gets worse or you can go ahead and replace it. This latch won’t cost too much to replace and it will be worth it.

The door doesn’t fit right

Because there is a certain degree of temperature changes that occur in the oven, it can sometimes be difficult for the unit to hold its shape for the duration of the use of the oven. When the door is finally straight, it will not close like it should. The only way you will notice is that the hole that the latch goes into will not align correctly when you try to close it. You will know this when you go to shut the door and it just doesn’t fit right or after the oven heats up, you notice that the area around your oven feels really hot.

Don’t forget the door hinge

The door hinge is responsible for holding up that large heavy oven door. If the hinge is never clean then the door may not close as it should. You can avoid this issue by cleaning the oven door including the hinge at least once a week. This will prevent the corrosion of debris that can be hard on your day.

To clean the hinge, use warm soapy water and a cloth. If you can’t get it clean, you may need to hire a professional to help instead. This hinge can become grimy and sticky to the point that it cannot be removed with ease. That’s why it is so important that you have a cleaning schedule for your stove. You won’t put yourself in the situation, where your oven latch won’t shut and you cannot fix it without an appliance repair professional in Bowmanville help coming in and seeing your grimy oven disaster.Once you get use to your stove and how to handle it, you don’t want to have to adjust to a new unit all over again so take care of the unit you have now.