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Quick Facts About Dual Zone Wine Cooler

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It’s common for wine lovers to soon discover that they need a place to store their favorite Prosecco or Merlot wines that will properly maintain the contents of their bottles. The best way to preserve the flavor and longevity of wines is to store them in a wine cooler.

Wine coolers are specifically made for wines. They can be either built in or freestanding. Freestanding ones can be put anywhere you have space whether it be on an empty wall in a kitchen, inside a pantry or in a corner of the dining room beside the buffet.There are several options available when it comes to choosing a wine cooler. While single zone wine coolers are used more often, there is also the option of a dual zone wine cooler for people who have different types of wines they would like to store.

Basics of Temperature Zones

Temperature zones are the areas that are temperature controlled in a wine cooler. There are three main types of wine coolers divided into the type of temperature zones they have: single zone, dual zone and multiple zone.

Single zone wine coolers can be set to only one temperature. This one temperature is maintained throughout the entire appliance. Single zone wine coolers tend to be the most economical ones available and are ideal for the consumer who generally buys only one type of wine. Let’s say a consumer prefers Rieslings. The unit can be set to the perfect temperature for the majority of Rieslings making the wine ready to serve whenever needed.Single zone wine coolers tend to be smaller since they’re geared toward a certain type of wine and the average consumer isn’t going to store a large amount of bottles of the same wine.

Dual zone wine coolers offer the best experience for storing and maintaining wines. These types of units are also reasonably priced while still providing enough options for the amateur wine connoisseur to be able to easily store their wines. As the name implies, a dual zone wine cooler is equipped with two spaces each with separate temperature controls. This means that wines that require a warmer temperature, like reds, can be stored in one section (usually the top) and wines that need to be chilled, like whites, can be placed in the bottom section when the temperature is adjusted. If there is any issue in adjustment of the temperature, it is good to call on the best personal injury lawyer in Bowmanville.

Dual zone wine coolers are beneficial in that they don’t limit someone to a specific variety of wine. While single zone units are less expensive, sometimes consumers are disappointed with them since there’s no place to store a different type of wine, if the consumer decides to try something different or is given a different type of wine as a gift.

Dual zone wine coolers can be either compact or larger, depending on the needs of the consumer. Once you’ve decided you want a dual zone wine cooler, you simply need to find the place where you want to put it. The place where you want to put it will decide on the size of appliance you need.Multiple zone wine coolers have several different inside temperature controlled areas. The number of zones you choose will depend on the amount of different wines that you’d like. Multiple zone units allow you to tailor your wine cooler to your specific needs. These types of units are the most expensive.