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More Information About Types of Range Hoods

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Range hoods control smoke, temperature and smells that are linked with cooking that come from your stove. They come in a variety of different designs, types and materials and can feature motors of varying strengths. Some units are designed to run more quietly than others. Here’s a look at some of the different types of range hoods available on the market today. This guide will help you get a basic understanding of your options and help you make one that best suits your needs.

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted range hoods are attached to the wall that is above the placement of the range. This means that instead of having a storage place above your stove, you’ll have a range hood instead. This is a common feature in many new kitchen designs. If you’re renovating your kitchen, you may need to remove some existing cabinetry to place the hood. Typically wall mounted range hoods are vented through an exterior wall behind the unit. Sometimes the unit will come with something similar to a chimney which helps with the ventilation. If there are any issues with your range hoods, it is important to call in the appliance repair expert in Bowmanville.

Wall mounted units are more than simply a workhorse ventilation system, like the under cabinet unit is. The wall mounted range hood can also serve as a key design aspect in a kitchen and can provide a stylish look that adds to the overall look of your kitchen. Wall mounted units cost a little more since, they’re also considered a decorative feature.

Under Cabinet

The under cabinet range hood is often considered the most common type and the one that offers the most compact options. It’s mounted underneath the cabinets in your kitchen and is positioned just over your stove. Venting for these types of hoods is generally straightforward and variable, enough to fit in any kitchen.

Ducting for the range hood is placed behind an exterior wall or up through the cabinet that is placed above the hood. The downside to some of the duct work for an under cabinet range hood is that it can take up some cupboard space, reducing the amount of storage you have available.

Ceiling Mounted or Island

Some people install the range in the middle of the room over an island and that poses a different type of challenge, since they’re not up against an exterior wall for ventilation. That’s where an island or ceiling mounted range hood is the solution. These types of units can have very powerful motors that can provide more than enough ventilation for ranges with multiple burners or ovens.

This device can provide a unique design element to your kitchen, while proving highly functional. They are available in a variety of materials like ceramic, glass or copper which look polished in almost any type of kitchen. Traditional finishes are also available. The disadvantage of ceiling range hoods is that they may need to be installed higher than other types so not to obstruct sight lines. If this is the case, you’ll need a stronger motor to make sure the fan has enough power to exhaust the air.