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Is Ice Maker Filter Vital For Functioning?

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An ice maker is a great appliance for convenience. It’s not a necessity. Many people live quite comfortably without ice makers. But once you’ve had one, it’s hard to go back to the days of not having one. This is because the convenience of not have to fill and empty ice cube trays is hard to beat.

With the ice maker, any time you need some ice, all you need to do is pull out the perfectly formed cubes put the ice into your container. The only significant maintenance with a counter ice maker is making sure that the filter gets changed. If your unit has a filter, and many do, you’ll find that your ice starts to change in color and flavor if you don’t change the filter frequently.

Is a Filter Necessary?

Perhaps you’re wondering if a filter is necessary for an ice maker. Will the machine break or stop making ice if the filter has been removed or if there is not filter? Well, your ice maker will continue to function even without a filter. The filter is there to help produce the best ice possible. So without the filter, the machine will still work and make the ice. The ice may not taste as good, may have minor contaminants, or may have a slight color to it.

It is not a necessity but it is good if you have one. There is an extra cost associated with an ice maker filter. However, the investment may be worth it. Especially if the water made tastes better. There are other benefits to having a filter in your ice maker. The benefits are:

Better quality ice.
Lower maintenance costs and repairs.
Better ice production
Better Quality Ice

A filter makes the ice quality produced better by removing any contaminants in the water. Without a filter, any ice maker will eventually make ice that’s lower quality. It may be a little milky colored. Or it may become softer than usual. It’s possible that there’s a slight undesirable taste or even a little bit of odor coming from the ice cubes. None of these traits are going to destroy the experience you have with your ice cubes. However, if you can have better ice without much effort, why not take advantage of the opportunity?

Lower Maintenance Costs and Repairs

Since a filter removes contaminants from the water, this means that there’s less to build up in your ice maker. The filter removes any water based minerals in the water which would normally cause some build up inside the ice maker, if left long enough. Hard water will cause build up to happen faster.

Typical cleaning will not prevent build up. To prevent build up, you’ll need appliance repair expert in Bowmanville to wash the unit more often. A filter can reduce the number of times you need to wash the ice maker and reduce the damage layered minerals on the appliance can cause. And remember, a clean machine doesn’t have to work as hard and put more wear and tear on the components of the ice maker.

Better Ice Production

Tap water generally has minerals and sometimes chlorine. These can lead to unwanted odors and tastes. The chlorine won’t make your machine unsanitary, but a build-up of minerals may do that, and add undesirable flakes to your ice. An ice maker filter will prevent this from happening and give you better ice production.