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Is Dryer Maintenance Important And Required?

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While it’s not the end of the world if your dryer breaks, it can be a huge inconvenience. Sure, it’s possible to line dry the clothing if the dryer breaks down. When the weather is nice, this may not be too bad if you don’t mind your underwear blowing in the breeze to dry. And it is possible to set of lines inside the house to air dry clothing when the weather isn’t as nice outside, but if you don’t have to go to those extremes, why do it?

The best thing to do to prevent a situation like this is to make sure you take care of your dryer to reduce the chance of it breaking down. Dryer maintenance is crucial to making the appliance work well for as long as possible. Some people think that dryer appliance is a complicated procedure that requires a great deal of time or skilled technicians. While it’s true that if a dryer breaks down the potential for the repair to take longer is higher, this can almost always be avoided with simple daily or weekly dryer maintenance steps.

Even the most technically inept or non-mechanical person can do the following maintenance steps. To help you along, we’ve also included a description of each of the steps. The most common dryer maintenance steps you should follow are:

• Remove that lint.
• Put only clean clothing and items in the dryer.
• Don’t forget the outside of the dryer.
• Keep the exhaust duct clean.

Remove Lint

This could be described as the easiest of dryer maintenance steps to perform. As you may be aware of already, you should never allow lint to build up on the lint screen of your dryer. Too much lint has the potential to cause a fire. It can happen, although statistically the chance of it happening is rare.The other reason to make sure you clean the lint screen is because even a small amount blocks air flow and will make your dryer work harder. A dryer will break sooner if it has to work harder than necessary. It’s best to be proactive and remove the lint before starting a load. Call on an appliance repair professional in Bowmanville to do the needful, if required.

Put Only Clean Clothes in the Dryer

You may be tempted to put those wet, slightly muddy pants in the dryer so that you don’t have to store them in the laundry basket damp. Don’t do this. The same holds true for drying used towels. Allow those to air dry and don’t put them in your dryer, even if there is no visible dirt on them.Putting any type of soiled item in the dryer runs the risk of small grains of dirt getting stuck in places of the dryer where they shouldn’t be. It also makes the inside of the drum dirty. Both these situation will make the dryer work harder. Plus a dirty inside drum will simply soil any clean clothing you put into the appliance.

Outside the Dryer

It’s a good idea to keep an eye out on the outside surfaces of the dyer as well. Soap residue, if allowed to sit long enough, will corrode the finish of the dryer. While this isn’t going to cause instant problems with the unit, a corroded finish looks bad. Plus there’s the potential for rust to get on your wet, clean clothing. In an extreme situation, the corrosion can go right through the wall of the dryer.

The Exhaust Vents

Make a habit of cleaning the exhaust vent and duct once or twice a year. There are special brushes for this task. Or you can use a strong vacuum.Obstructions in the vent can significantly reduce the air flow to the dryer making the appliance work harder, and possibly breaking down sooner than it should.