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Choosing Between Open And Sealed Burners

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So you’ve recently purchased a new cooking range and are now looking at your available options when it comes to the style of your burners. The most common types are open and sealed, but to make an informed decision you will first need to, well, get informed. And this is what our little guide will help you with.

Open Burner

Open burners are called open because their components are exposed leaving the flames clearly visible and free to burn anything that may fall into them. Many professional chefs appreciate the efficiency and appearance of open burners despite the struggle to keep of cleaning them. It has to be said that the drip tray can easily be removed, for cleaning purposes.

Pros: They heat things quickly since the flame is in direct contact with the pots and pans and oxygen can directly connect with the fuel and flames. This also makes it more efficient which is proven by how fast it can bring liquid to a boil compared to closed burners. Their installation costs are also lower.

Cons: The cleaning process can be a bit of a struggle, especially, since anything that boils over or spills will force you to take apart the burner so it can be cleaned. If you fail or neglect to do that, the burner will get stained, possibly even permanently. It is also worth mentioning that an open flame can be a hazard in combination with loose sleeves, long hair or nearby paper, i.e. a page of recipes.

Sealed Burner

As the name would suggest, a sealed burner has a seal between the burner itself and the pots and pans you place on top. This way, nothing can fall into the flame. Thanks to the one-piece solid, and often ceramic, surface over-top all burners, the cleaning process is quick and easy.

Pros: The heating is efficient and the clean-up is easier and faster which makes them especially useful for large households and casual cooks. People who’d rather spend as little time as possible in the kitchen due to full schedules will appreciate the sealed burner.

Cons: Sealed burners are often more expensive than open burners and the ceramic cook-top runs risk of being damaged if a heavy weight falls onto it. Some also claim that sealed burners work less efficiently and heat unevenly, however that can be argued about. You may also end up with burn rings around each burner, if you neglect to clean it properly.And that is why it is important to appliance repair service in Bowmanville.