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Lesser Known Dual-Fuel Ranges

Where gas and electric ranges are rather well known among the general public, dual-fuel ranges rarely get put in the spotlight despite their popularity among professional chefs.The name dual-fuel range stems from the way in which they heat the oven with electricity while the cook-top is fuel with gas. By doing this, the cook won't have to put up with the temperature fluctuations that often occur in gas-fueled ovens. (more…) Read more

How To Keep Your Oven Nice And Shiny

Obviously, the best thing to keep your oven clean is to wipe up spillage right after it happens, but because the enamel tends to stain and the steel parts tend to scratch, it can be tough to find the balance between toughness and gentleness. Below this are five tips that should help you keep your oven shiny. (more…) Read more

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Convection Oven Cooking

Using a fan, convection ovens circulate hot air all around your food which shortens cooking time and makes them so favorable for many people. However, there are still many questions people want answers to, so following below you will find the ones, we most frequently stumble across. (more…) Read more

Choosing Between Open And Sealed Burners

So you've recently purchased a new cooking range and are now looking at your available options when it comes to the style of your burners. The most common types are open and sealed, but to make an informed decision you will first need to, well, get informed. And this is what our little guide will help you with. (more…) Read more

Ways To Remove The Smell of Lint Out of The Dryer

Have you noticed a smell coming from your clothes dryer? The smell is not a good one and it is very over pouring. When you feel your clothes, they are damp and have been in there for a long time. You need to get rid of the smell out of the dryer so how do you do it? Here are a few tips on how you can get rid of the odors in your dryer and eliminate them for good.  ... Read more

Reasons And Solutions For Dryer Not Heating

While there are many problems that can occur to your dryer during its lifetime. If your dryer has decided not to heat, there are a few possible causes that may be the culprit. Some of these problems, you can actually fix yourself. When you can’t fix the issue yourself, you will want to hire a professional that knows dryers to fix your issue. It’s important that you determine if the professional is certified enough to handle the issue that may be ... Read more

Quick Tips For An Oven Door That Won’t Close

Does your stove door resist closing? If your stove door don’t close, you may be able to fix the issue yourself instead of hiring a professional or replacing your unit. Here are three possible reasons why your door may not be closing and how you can fix it yourself. (more…) Read more

How To Resolve Dishwasher Drainage Issues?

If you have a dishwasher in your kitchen, you know how much it can help you in the cleanup process. When the dishwasher stops working, you may think that you can’t fix it. Dishwashers today aren’t built like they should be. However that is not true. If your dishwasher has stopped working on you, there may be an easy way to fix it quickly, before dinner is done. (more…) Read more

Quick Facts About Dual Zone Wine Cooler

It’s common for wine lovers to soon discover that they need a place to store their favorite Prosecco or Merlot wines that will properly maintain the contents of their bottles. The best way to preserve the flavor and longevity of wines is to store them in a wine cooler. (more…) Read more

Prevent Frost Build-Up In Your Freezer

Unless you do not care about the development of unpleasant odors or have no desire to maintain the amount of space available for storing your frozen foods, you should make a point of learning how to limit the extent of frost build-up in your freezer. Moreover, a freezer’s door does not always seal tightly, once too much frost has formed inside of that same appliance. Furthermore, the excess moisture can encourage the appearance of frost burn. (more…) Read more
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