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The Benefits of Your New High-Efficiency Washer

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The Benefits of Your New High-Efficiency Washer

If you have a high-efficiency washer, you may know that it seems to stop filling with water as if by magic. The auto-sensing capability is designed to save water and completely automate the process. This ensures that you have just the right amount of water for your load and is part of the beauty of a high-efficiency washer. (more…) Read more

Should You Repair Or Replace Your Malfunctioning Appliance?

As a homeowner, you can appreciate the investment that your household appliances represent. So when an appliance malfunctions, how do you know if a repair makes sense or when it is just a waste of money? Bowmanville appliance repair experts suggest that there are some simple questions you can answer that will make this an easier decision. (more…) Read more

Is Buying The Extended Warranty On An Appliance Worth It?

When you consider how much buying a new appliance is today, you really want to make sure it continues working for a good long time. But when you are offered to purchase the extended warranty on your new appliance, you notice that comes with its own hefty price tag. So is the extended warranty worth the price? (more…) Read more

Are Your Washer And Dryer Ruining Your Clothing?

You have suspected it for some time now, but you are no longer able to ignore it. Although it is a standard joke that the “sock fairy” steals errant socks in the washer or dryer, there may be more malevolent forces at work. You laundry appliances may also be ruining your clothing, says appliance repair experts in Bowmanville. (more…) Read more

Should You Try To Fix A Broken Appliance Yourself?

Many homeowners today like to think of themselves as DIYers. In most cases, fixing household items yourself can save a great amount of money on repairs. But is this true for major household appliances? Not necessarily. (more…) Read more

How To Save Energy With Your Existing Appliances

If you dread getting your monthly energy bill, your appliances may be part of the culprit. Here are some tips from your local Bowmanville appliance repair professionals at LT Appliance Repair to lessen the energy impact of your major household appliances. (more…) Read more

Fridge Not Cooling? Here Are A Few Reasons Why

There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a week’s worth of groceries only to get home and find that your refrigerator is out. Of course, your fridge has been giving you some signs for awhile but you have just been busy. Now, regardless of your busy life, you may need a Bowmanville appliance repair company -- fast! (more…) Read more

5 Refrigerator Myths Dispelled

Myth #1: Your Freezer Can Keep Your Food Forever Anyone who has tried to eat freezer burned pork chops will easily put this myth to rest. No matter how well packaged your frozen foods are, they will eventually succumb to the dreaded freezer burn. The best way to keep freezer burn at bay is to take as much air out of the packaging as possible. This is easiest done by storing foods in plastic bags specifically designed for frozen food. But the ... Read more

Basic Facts About Operation of Convection Oven

Have you thought about buying a convection oven? If you have, then you ought to learn more about how such ovens differ from what has traditionally been part of the appliance that is called a range (stovetop and oven). In that way, you limit the chances that you could get tricked into buying a mock copy of the true thing. (more…) Read more
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